Fuck Cancer!

About 10 years back my dad received news that he had testicular cancer and would immediately go into surgery. We were thankful for a very speedy recovery and longer down the lines even better news of full remission!

It was the same year I decided to get a testicular screening myself.

And in solidarity for his hair loss during chemotherapy I was going to finally participate in No Shave November and donate my grooming budget to cancer research.

$30.00 - 2 haircuts from the barber that month (@ $15/each)
$12.00 - Brand new razor for the month
$3.00 - Shave cream
$8.00 - After Shave
$53.00 - Total sent in for Cancer Research in 2006

Never in my life had I ever grown a full beard or mustache. I had no idea it was going to be that ITCHY! How could I ever make it through an entire month of not shaving? I visited my local barber, No not for a wet shave, but for advice. He told me about essential oils and how many uses they have for beards and how he makes his own in the back of his shop. I had no idea what that stuff was that he always put on my neck and face after a hot shave and trim. But I knew it smelled great and felt amazing. I just thought it was some super exclusive thing that only Barbers had access to. How naive! 

Now it's been a few years since I began my beard growing journey, and since then I've become the Captain of my dreams by opening Sea Captain Beard Co. But I want to share with you everything I've learned in my travels & adventures because being the Captain is more than just sailing, surfing and travel. It's about taking charge of your life, executing your plans, and giving back. 

We are all specks of sand, but together we can hold oceans. Be kind to one another, and be thankful for family and friends by treating them well too.


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