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Love is Love is LOVE

Love is Love is LOVE

Recently a gay couple were walking home from a party hand in hand when they were both attacked by a group of young teenagers. The hate crime sent shock waves through the LGBTQ community in the Netherlands. Everyone was shocked by the assault and rumors started to fly until two of the country's lawmakers took this a step further by arriving to court hand in hand themselves.

What a notion of solidarity! Two men held hands in public to show they are aware of an issue and won't stand for it anymore. Now, men from all over the world are holding hands too. Men, many of whom say they identify as straight, began posting photographs of themselves holding hands with other men on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand. I was so impressed with this courage and solidarity that I asked my friend if he'd hold my hand in a public place. I wasn't surprised one bit when he agreed and asked if we could do it inside a Bass Pro Shop we had planned on visiting later that day.

This isn't a publicity stunt to gain attention. It is in hopes of spreading love and awareness. Holding hands in public is showing love. I love my friend and he loves me. We aren't ashamed to show it in public. Our beards don't make us better people. Our beards don't make us superior to others. Our beards don't make us desirable or get us the hot babe. Our beards don't make us millionaires or celebrities. What's in our hearts defines us as men of this next generation. We are Captains, are you?





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